Prepare the way of the Lord (Is 40: 3)

Our dream is to create a place where God will be changing people’s lives. For 11 years, as a community Voice in the Wilderness, we have been serving God and the Church. Why are we doing this? We have met Jesus and He changed our lives, so we believe that meeting God changes everything.

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Our projects:

The Voice in the Wilderness Meetings

THE TIME IS NOW. Let’s write the history together.

Shalom: Therapy and Counseling Studio

Publishing house

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It is the best place to go if you want to deepen your faith and the best place if you are tired of life. You will find joy, peace and kindness of people from the community there. They greet you at the doorstep which helps building relationships from the very first minute.


A beautiful place of prayer and relationships.


Amazing place, filled with love, joy and, most of all, God.


I go back there when I’m in Krakow. Nice people devoted to God.


A great place to pray!


Wonderful people serving Jesus with passion. Thank you for being here!