The Voice in the Wilderness Meetings

At the heart of our ministry are the community meetings. On Wednesday evenings we gather together for worship, prayer, time of teaching and feeding on the Word. Anyone can join. This is our ministry to all, to whom the Lords Himself sends us. Our guest speakers come from Poland and the whole world, but it is God who we meet with first and foremost during this time.

For the time being, with the reconstruction in progress, our Wednesday meetings have been suspended.

Nie wszystko jedno

The ‘Nie wszystko jedno’ project was born out of the desire to build bridges between Christians and help them see past stereotypes, fostering their desire to consider others equal (not better or worse), to live life free of discrimination, domination and hostility. We want the disciples of Christ to go not against each other, but hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, standing on the foundation of Christ Himself. We pray and we act towards that dream – “that they may all be one”. The project’s main pillar is now the podcast on the unity of Christians.

THE TIME IS NOW. Let’s write the history together.

Over 600 Church leaders from many Christian denominations came together in February ’22 at the THE TIME IS NOW fellowship meeting. During the three days, they gathered at the feet of God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, worshipping, praying, repenting, meditating on the Word of God. They participated in lectures, workshops, discussions, they listened to testimonies, shared hearts with one another over meals. It was a great privilege and joy for us to organize this Meeting. To this day we receive messages about the fruit it brought to peoples’ lives and we rejoice that the Holy Spirit used it to bring the believers together.

Medyka Project

We want to support Ukraine not only through prayer, but also tangible, practical, specific deeds. For this purpose, we got in touch with the initiative “Medyka – People Helping Ukraine”. This organisation coordinates humanitarian aid for Ukraine. From the beginning of the war our goal was to offer a lasting, long-term support. As the Voice in the Wilderness we plan to continue raise material and financial help for Medyka on a regular basis.

Publishing house

We created the Voice in the Wilderness Publishing House to share valuable content. So far, we have published two books, ‘Life in Christ’ by Fr Raniero Canatalamessa and ‘Unity: on Earth As In Heaven’ by Dan Almeter, the album of the Christian band PAW and many CDs with teachings given during Wednesday meetings of The Voice in the Wilderness community. All of the above are available in our online store. A few of them were given in English and translated into Polish – they are available for a free download. The link to online store:

Shalom: Therapy and Counseling Studio

We started offering therapy and counselling sessions, as we realized people’s need of a place, upholding certain values, where they can receive psychological help. We hire experts that are Christians. Having a broad academic experience, they are competent to help those in need of support free from other spiritual influences. Our team’s task is to help those seeking counseling find peace and become integrated by working through difficult experiences, events and wounds.

The Marriage Course

The Marriage Course are eight sessions aimed at helping married couples to strengthen their bond. It is an opportunity to spend time together as a couple, looking at key questions connected with building marital relationship. The Marriage Course is extremely practical and helpful in building a healthy marriage that can last “until death parts us”.

The Heart of the Father

The Heart of the Father workshops started with a desire to share the experience of being Sons and Daughters of the King, the experience of dignity that brings with it security, purpose and peace. From the moment we invited Jesus into our lives, we ourselves have been experiencing the goodness of God the Father. In the recent years the desire to share His Heart with many sons and daughters has compelled us. We believe that the workshops will help the participants receive the closeness and care of the good God.

I am, therefore I dance

Through the ‘I Am Therefore I Dance’ workshops, we want to introduce to people dance worship as a form of prayer. During this time we learn to listen to what He wants to say to us through this form of expression. We believe that meeting with God through this type of prayer, which is not an empty form, but carries a depth that comes from moving the Spirit in us, has its own message that touches the hearts of God and people.