Thank you that you want to renovate the meeting hall for the Voice in the Wilderness and support our ministry. We believe God Himself will bless you for your generosity.

Current status of donations:


You can support us via:

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acc. no.: PL70 1240 4533 1111 0010 4504 0897
Title: Donation for statutory purposes – renovation

We are extremely grateful for every donation. We are aware that this enormous undertaking would not be possible if it were not for the people of good will, through whom God changes reality. We believe that God will give you back a hundred times already here on Earth!


About us

For over eleven years, our community has been serving God and the body of believers in Jesus.

In the Voice in the Wilderness we make room to meet with God, so that He could touch and change people’s lives. At the same time we build a culture of dialogue, building bridges of unity between Brothers and Sisters from various churches and communities.

The Voice in the Wilderness is where we live a lifestyle based on the Word of God and Christian values. We want to inspire others to live the same way – through our social media, podcast as well as books and recordings that we publish. The Voice means the workshops, the projects and the initiatives (like the Therapy and Counselling Studio, like the Marriage Course). The Voice means ‘The Time is Now. Let’s write the history together’ that paved the way for new relations and cooperation between believers in Christ and is considered a ground breaking event, as it marked a new chapter of the ecumenical dialogue. But the Voice in the Wilderness means also a place of worship, teaching, where pulpit is available for preachers from all Christian denominations, a place of prayer and intercession, where the warmth of God’s love is shared and experienced, where people are encouraged to practical deeds of love and where the new generation is growing in God’s presence, led by example towards the decisions of choosing Jesus.

After many weeks of fasting and prayer, God showed us a place where we were able to secure a stable, long-term rental.

The new place is well connected not only with the centre of Krakow, but also with the world, because Krakow airport is right next door. In order to start our ministry again, however, we first need to renovate the new place.

We are now facing the financial challenge of rebuilding and adapting the new room. The construction and renovation works are going to be costly – in order for it to happen, in order to adapt this place, we need to collect PLN 1,135,000, which is nearly $ 300,000. This amount includes cost of renovation, installing ventilation and air conditioning ducts, and heating, construction of a space adapted to the needs of families with children – there are more and more of them in our community. We want to equip our meeting hall with modern sound system and multimedia equipment that will allow us to create a high level of worship for God! Our dream is that this room also serve other Christian communities and church families to organize meetings, workshops and conferences.

Thank you for your support!

‘Go up into the mountains and bring down timber and build my house, so that I may take pleasure in it and be honoured,” says the Lord,’ (Ag 1:8).